How Myriad360 Helped – Case study Global Edge Cloud and CDN provider


Data Center Infrastructure Upgrade For a Leading Global Edge Cloud and CDN Provider


Myriad360 recently published a case study that showed how we helped one of the world’s leading edge cloud providers upgrade their data center infrastructure in over 27 unique locations. 

Client Challenge:

  • A global edge cloud and CDN provider needed to perform a full infrastructure upgrade in 27 international locations across 19 different countries. 
  • Due to licensing and end-of-life hardware issues, the upgrade had to be completed within 9 months.
  • The client also needed assistance selecting and procuring the correct equipment in the correct quantities and configurations, as well as help with global shipping and logistics oversight. 

Where Myriad360 Helped:

While the client had the resources to do the physical installation and configuration at each data center, they lacked project management resources. They needed the assistance of a third party to provide oversight of data center infrastructure purchasing, warehousing, integration, staging, global shipping and global logistics management across 19 countries and 27 facility locations within a condensed time frame. 

Results: Expansion Goals Completed Several Months Ahead of Schedule. Myriad360 Helped  Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs. 

After a thorough review of vendors, the global CDN provider selected Myriad360 for project management and global logistics services. As with every customer engagement at Myriad360, the project commenced with a 360° View of You Discovery client assessment, conducted by Myriad360’s enterprise-level Project Management (PM) team to thoroughly understand the client’s situation, and needs, timelines, and objectives. Then the two organizations went to work! 

First, Myriad360’s PM team coordinated the purchase of all client hardware upfront. During the procurement process, Myriad360 warehoused the client’s inventory at its centralized integration center and managed the delivery logistics for each site. Then Myriad360’s PM team worked with the client’s technology team, procurement department, and the technical project leader at each site to ensure the correct devices were purchased, shipped, received, and installed. 

Throughout the project, Myriad360 conducted daily team huddles, checkpoint calls with suppliers and logistics vendors, as well as weekly calls with site managers to ensure that the project was meeting the desired plan, timeframe, and budgeted costs. 

Project Statistics 

  • Management Time: 173 internal team huddles / 28 hrs. per wk. over a 9-month period 
  • Purchases: 450+ orders for equipment worth over $12.9m 
  • Vendors: 75,400 items purchased / 452 unique items purchased from 66 manufacturers.

Why Myriad360 is the best installation solution provider? 

Why did Myriad360 succeed?  Simply put, through our personalized, hands-on approach, Myriad360 puts clients at the center of everything we do! We offer interactive, high-touch solutions tailored to each client’s exact specifications and needs. 

Every engagement at Myriad360 begins with a 360° View of You assessment. By employing a discovery-centric methodology,  It all comes down to this! Myriad360 we are able to take into account not just your IT needs and technology, but also your business objectives and your personnel for a full-circle view. 

We are proud to offer agility and flexibility to our clients by offering a wide array of consulting, brokered solutions, and our own centralized integration centers as well as our global logistics services. Our Integration Services Our method is to simplify the supply chain, allowing us to design, build and execute data center installations with urgency, all while ensuring you remain in control with full transparency!