Myriad360 Integration Center Virtual Experience:  An in-depth look at Myriad360’s Integration Center

Click through now to experience an immersive virtual tour of Myriad360’s Integration Center and services. We’re experts in supply chain procurement, rack-level hardware assembly, device configuration, and testing, and even global shipping and logistics. As a result, Myriad360 will ensure your data center deployments are completed on time, within budget, and in line with your requirements. Just ask our many satisfied clients for whom  Myriad360 has become their trusted adviser and integrator worldwide.


Myriad360’s Integration Center is staffed with a highly experienced team of supply chain experts who are ready to help with  end-to-end rack-n-stack services, including:

  • Procurement
  • Rack and device-level assembly
  • Systems configuration and integration
  • Global shipping and logistics
  • Shipping consolidation
  • Warehousing of your equipment
  • Day-to-day project support


  • Quickly expand your team on-demand for complex IT migrations  
  • Procure, fulfill and deploy large orders anywhere on the globe
  • Greatly reduce risks using Myriad360’s hardened supply chain methodologies 
  • Save time and money by leveraging our purchasing power and streamlined processes


What makes us different? We customize every project to your organization’s unique needs. How do we do it? We begin every project with a 360° View of You assessment to understand your needs from both a technical and business perspective. Only then do we commence with our systems integration assembly –  building fully configured racks that are tested and ready to use. This helps to save both money and time throughout the entire process.


Next,  we package, label, tag, and track every piece of your IT equipment to provide you with full visibility for the life of your assets. And finally, Myriad360’s global logistics experts will, cost-effectively and confidently ship your gear to more than 130 countries, or safely warehouse your inventory until you need it.  Our goal is to help you minimize your bottom line: from shipment consolidation to taxes and fee recovery to warehousing. 


When you work with Myriad360, you can rest assured that you are choosing the most cost-efficient supply chain solution for global deployment! Are you ready to experience our 360 approach? Click here to schedule a consultation now! 

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