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MYRIAD360 SOAR360: Security Orchestration Automation and Response Solutions 


How does SOAR360 work? Myriad360 Security Orchestration Automation and Response Solutions detect, prioritize, and prevent cyber threats using intelligent cyber security automation techniques, and security automation tools mimicking the investigation steps a security analyst would have taken but at a much greater velocity. These tools determine whether action is required for specific threats, carry out remediation actions, and proactively decide whether additional investigation is required. At Myriad360, we begin every engagement with a 360° View of You assessment to ensure the most optimal SOAR360 tool is uniquely selected to suit every client’s particular needs! 

Cybersecurity Facts: 

  • Cybersecurity incidents rose 125% year-over-year since 2021 
  • There is a shortage of 2.72 Million qualified cybersecurity professionals globally
  • 93% of SecOps teams admit they can’t manage the daily 2.72 M flood of security alerts, which have more than 
  • The shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals globally doubled in the last 5 years.

It’s clear, now more than ever, that organizations of all sizes are faced with security alerts. In addition, the number of cybersecurity incidents worldwide is continually rising, and detection of real threats has become more challenging than ever before.

Why Choose Myriad360 for Your Security Automation? 

The reasons to choose Myriad360 for your Security Automation include impartiality and integrity, expertise tailored to you, and deep partnerships with a broad perspective. When you work with Myriad360 you are working with more than a broker, we work together as partners. 

With 60+ years of team experience and a distinguished list of cybersecurity certifications, Myriad360 prioritizes your needs above all else. We are committed to supporting you from start to finish and beyond! 

Don’t Risk Overlooking Valid Warnings Amidst the Chaos

Increase your defenses against future attacks while maximizing your team’s productivity with a broad array of best-in-class predictive, performant security tools and services from Myriad360. 

As the security experts, Myriad360 helps our clients reduce response times, avoid alert overload, and pivot to a proactive versus reactive stance with automated tools that require no upfront training! 

 How it works – Final Deliverables Include: 

  • Project Plan
  • User Case Playbook
  • As-Built configuration documentation that describes the steps, definitions, and design work applied to create the playbook 

Myriad360 expert project managers begin each client engagement with a 360°View of You discovery assessment, followed by a thorough cybersecurity review, recommended tool design, and suggested configuration. In addition, we provide playbook documentation and ensure 100 percent knowledge transfer.  

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