Myriad’s project managers build an IT project management plan focused on analyzing and monitoring risk and reducing business interruption. In addition to handling all procurement and vendor management, we go above and beyond to create and execute an acceptance test plan so you can rest assured what we’re implementing meets your quality standards. Post launch, we complete a knowledge transfer so your project handoff to operations is seamless.

Comprehensive, detail-oriented, flexible project management

Myriad specializes in vendor management, from manufacturers and data centers, to service providers and ISPs, to general contractors and electricians. Using our Lean Six Sigma expertise, we understand how to communicate schedule constraints to manufacturers, requesting productions be broken into smaller batches in efforts to reduce cycle time and get your hardware sooner. In short, we put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

We understand that over the course of a projectespecially one that’s months or even years longscope, schedule, and budgets change. Our PMO has a formalized change management process to allow stakeholders to feel empowered to vocalize needs to shift or change. We welcome and embrace change, accommodating scope revisions to do our best to maintain the integrity of your schedule and the overall outcome of your project.

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Successful implementations are not only defined by the right technologies but the right people. Our experienced project managers are a testament to our commitment to excelling in customer experience and support.