Myriad360’s health checks and assessments are designed to help you better understand your current infrastructure’s intricacies and challenges. Our comprehensive offerings cover the four main pillars of your IT infrastructure: SDN, Mobility, Cloud, and Security (including Firewall Health Checks and penetration testing), so no stone is left unturned when it comes to the safety of your organization.


At the end of your assessment or health check, we’ll have documented detailed use cases, requirements and recommendations for short-term and strategic roadmaps driven by your needs. The thought of an attack can be dauntingwhether you need help getting started or want us to evaluate your current program, we will match you with the right solution.

We understand that over the course of a project—especially one that’s months or even years long—scope, schedule, and budgets change. With our agile approach to project planning, we welcome and embrace change, accommodating scope revisions to do our best to maintain the integrity of your schedule and the overall outcome of your project.

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