Lack of visibility into your current infrastructure leaves you vulnerable. We’ll capture and communicate a detailed understanding of where you are, what you have, and how you’re using it so you can better prepare for the future.


Between daily tasks to keep the lights on, keeping current with new requests, and being asked to do more with less, IT resources are stretched thin industry-wide. It’s no wonder why documentation initiatives get pushed to the bottom of the priority list. But it’s vital to understand your current state in order to take the right steps to keep your security posture ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape. With a complete bird’s-eye view of your infrastructure, you’ll make more effective decisions better in line with your security goals.

Documentation services also help you to avoid costly mistakes, obtain an accurate evaluation of your risk profile, and identify opportunities for automation. At the conclusion of the profile creation process, you’ll get a full picture of where your posture currently stands, all in one place. We’ll provide a custom manifest containing a complete list of your security controls (hardware, software, and/or services), as well as the vendors, products and specific versions present in your environment. Lastly, we’ll create a detailed illustration of your security controls, business intent and asset protection.

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