Between the ever-changing threat landscape and an increasingly complex solution set, organizations struggle to maintain a robust security program that also aligns with operational and business priorities. Myriad’s cybersecurity roadmap simplifies the journey to optimal cybersecurity, making it less costly and time-consuming.

Cybersecurity Tailored for You

Our Cybersecurity Roadmap service is comprised of two half-day workshops. First, our in-house engineers visit with your team to understand your goals and ideal state. After uncovering what the optimal posture of your IT infrastructure looks like for you, we  create a security reference model map and identify your long-term requirements, objectives, constraints, and KPIs. Together, we build a co-created ideal state.

Our second half-day workshop examines your organization’s current cybersecurity measures and program’s level of maturity. Through this comprehensive analysis, we create a customized, business-centric strategy and prioritized roadmap with a snapshot of recommendations.

Armed with a clear, targeted and highly specialized program trajectory, we kick off the implementation and execution of your cybersecurity roadmap. Our blueprints are the roadmap toward your ideal state, beginning with the most urgent and critical challenges addressed in our first project.

Upon completion of your first project, we will measure KPIs and ensure your ideal state is still accurate, and then suggest the next most pressing project. With each check and adjustment, we maintain the flexibility and focus on the highest and most pressing cybersecurity needs, giving you and your organization the visibility and wherewithal for critical decision-making necessary to keep your business priorities top of mind.

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Achieving optimal cybersecurity for your business is not an impossible task. With the right team, resources and agile project plan, Myriad is your partner in the ideal state journey.