With shipping and logistics services that stretch to over 130 countries, Myriad is the preferred IT logistics partner of enterprises, network operators, webscalers & cloud builders looking to expand their global presence. With our partner network and warehousing capabilities, we streamline the international.

Getting What You Need to Where You Need It: From Start to Finish

Myriad works between manufacturers, shipping carriers, and customs agents to handle the entire international supply chain for you. With our expertise in international business and global trade, we ensure your compliance with international trade regulations, give you full visibility through tracking and to-the-minute comprehensive reports, and identify and mitigate all risks associated with international shipping with you ahead of time.

We look to minimize the bottom line, whether it be through shipment consolidation, recovering taxes or fees, or warehousing opportunities, so you can take advantage of bulk ordering and consolidating shipments whenever possible. Whatever you need, our team of in-house shipping experts will make it happen, even in the most challenging countries. Even if you didn’t purchase your equipment through Myriad, it’s not a problem. We’ll still ship it.

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Whether or not you procure your hardware or software through us, our global logistics services are here to help. We will ensure your equipment arrives where you need it, when you need it.