As soon as you’re ready to customize your technology to your business and deploy it, Myriad360’s integration center offers the highly experienced team of experts and the end-to-end services you need to support you with:

  • Procurement
  • Configuration and integration
  • Implementation
  • Global shipping and logistics
  • Consolidating all your components
  • Warehousing your equipment
  • Day-to-day project support


Regardless of whether you buy your technology solutions from us or someone else, we’ll ensure your project is completed on time, within budget and in line with your requirements. Because of this, Myriad360 has become the trusted adviser of enterprise IT leaders and service providers worldwide.

Our Integration Services Include, But Are Not Limited to:

  • Hardware Configuration and Imaging

    We can configure and customize your technology to your organization’s unique needs and ensure it’s ready for deployment.

  • Custom Rack and Stack / Rack and Roll

    We build fully configured server racks which are tested and ready-to-use, saving you time and money throughout the process.

  • Tagging, Labeling, and Packaging

    We package, label, tag, and track every piece of your IT equipment to provide you with full visibility over your shipment and ensure a safe delivery.

  • Inventory and Logistics Management

    We can inventory and securely warehouse your equipment until you need it. We also offer the expertise you need to cost-effectively and confidently ship your gear to more than 130 countries.


  • Save time and money

  • Greatly reduce risks

  • Quickly expand your team to fulfill large orders

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