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A10 Networks® help companies secure and optimize the performance of their applications and networks with innovative and disruptive solutions. Using intelligent automation, machine learning, data driven analytics, and threat intelligence for application delivery and security services, A10 provides a comprehensive security paradigm for today’s cloud, hybrid and on-premises implementations. A10 solutions are centered around the A10 Harmony Controller, the brain which helps organizations centrally manage multiple layers of threat protection and A10’s complementary high performance, scalable and secure app services including Application Delivery Controllers, DDoS protection, firewall, SSL traffic visibility and IPv4 preservation solutions.

The Reality of Traffic
The challenges introduced by the growth in internet traffic and by the rise of modern, feature-rich cloud applications and workloads, like Microsoft Sharepoint or Office 365, require strategic attention. Web traffic is no longer traditional – dozens of long-lived connections from each employee and their many devices can quickly victimize proxies causing significant performance degradation and loss of productivity. A solution that leads to stronger security, and improved productivity is required to preserve the performance and scale of your network amid these growing demands.

A10’s Thunder SSLi is a purpose-built decryption solution that eliminates the SSL/TLS blind spot, providing full visibility into encrypted traffic. This increases security effectiveness at a fraction of the cost by offloading CPU-intensive SSL operations from your existing security solutions.

Thunder SSLi provides:

  • full visibility across all ports and multiple protocols
  • secure encryption key storage
  • interoperable decryption ability with the major security devices (i.e. firewalls, SWGs, DLP products)
  • confirmation of the validity of certificates
  • selective decryption control to align with compliances and privacy policies
  • wizard-based ease of use and management

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Attackers have multiple entry points. See how Thunder SSLi fits into A10’s larger vision of anywhere, anytime policy enforcement.

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