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The way we consume the Cloud is changing

The way enterprises, cloud providers and service providers are consuming the cloud is changing rapidly, driven by the blurring of boundaries between different types of cloud environments. Their journey toward delivering core business services with agility has consisted of introducing automation into the assets they own, the private clouds, building and expanding their data center infrastructure, and leveraging virtualization and software-defined-networking. At the same time, the public cloud offering has become more pervasive, mature and usable for widely consumed applications and use cases.

These environments–the private cloud and the public cloud–are today managed as distinct, disjointed infrastructures. With the evolution toward high-speed mobile broadband access everywhere, the infrastructure to deliver cloud-based services and applications also moves as close to the end-user as possible in order to give them the best possible quality of experience. As a result, the infrastructure to deliver applications and services is spread across the entire wide-area-network, between distributed locations (down to access PoPs and enterprise premises), traditional data center locations and the public clouds (e.g. AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform).

As an Elite Portfolio Partner, Myriad is able to equip the modern business infrastructure with the proper tools to manage the developing cloud consumption models in order to optimize their customers’ user experience.

Why Contrail Enterprise Multicloud?

  • Simplified setup, scale-out, daily operations, service management and troubleshooting across all cloud environments
  • Intent-based rapid provisioning and change management allows network/cloud operations teams to operate through Contrail to create/modify networking services, by specifying the intent (how the workloads should be connected).
  • Improved reliability of both underlay and–more importantly–of overlay networking services.
  • Insight and predictive analytics across all cloud environments; complete real-time view of how the different infrastructures operate, and how overlay services use them.

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