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Wireless networks play a crucial role in business today. But as everyone knows: They’re not always the most reliable. Plus, most companies don’t have any way to measure the performance of their wireless network, let alone improve it.

Fortunately, Mist solves all of this.

Mist is a new wireless solution that combines innovative Wi-Fi technology with the latest advancements in cloud technology, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science. The result is a smart, highly scalable, and agile wireless solution that your company can use to:

Increase Wi-Fi Assurance and Improve the User Experience
Provide more consistent and reliable Wi-Fi service to users, and significantly improve the user experience. Also, set, monitor, and enforce Wi-Fi service levels for every user, and track and improve important metrics such as throughput, capacity, roaming, uptime, and WAN.

Simplify and Automate Wireless Operations
Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically identify and fix wired/wireless/device problems in real-time and get recommendations for proactively optimizing your performance, instead of having to spend hours or days trying to do all of this. Also, ask questions and get answers from Marvis, the networking industry’s first AI-driven virtual assistant. If needed, Mist even lets you assign network resources (such as servers and printers) to your company’s Wi-Fi users with a simple click of a mouse or via pre-assigned policies.

Gain Unprecedented Visibility
Obtain unprecedented insight into your network and user behavior. Plus, when your company combines Mist with Juniper Networks’ solutions, you’ll also gain complete visibility into your entire wireless/wired stack.

Deliver Location-Based Wireless Services
Quickly distribute location-based wireless services to mobile customers such as wayfinding, proximity notifications, and others. Moreover, Mist eliminates onsite visits, lowers total cost of ownership, and is 100% programmable via open APIs.

For more information on how Juniper Networks and Myriad360 can help your company update and modernize your wireless infrastructure by using Mist, call (866)725-1025.

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