“Ideal State”: What it Means for Cybersecurity

In our recent webinar from July 19th, Thomas Norman, Global Cybersecurity Technology Consultant at Ingram Micro joins Chris Grundemann, Principal Security Architect at Myriad, in a discussion about the defining the “ideal state,” the best way businesses can protect themselves in the current dynamic and fast-paced threat landscape. With over 35 years of experience as a cybersecurity consultant in international security and anti-terrorism, Norman begins the presentation with a deep dive into the latest in cybersecurity and the power of AI-powered cyberattacks.

According to CSO Magazine, in addition to being projected as the worst year for data breaches (in number and impact), 2018 has been deemed the year of cyberattacks carried out by artificial intelligence—a method making prevention of breaches even more difficult. Norman explains the exact methods of execution utilized by cybercriminals in the Dyn attack of October 2016, including IoT video security cameras and other headless worm devices. An attack unlike anything industry experts had seen before, Norman describes Dyn’s impact and what we can learn from this new form of attack.

After this comprehensive overview, Norman describes the challenges associated with constantly trying to stay ahead of the latest advancements in cybercrime and how it affects the way businesses are forced to constantly plan new defense strategies. After all, the hurdle many businesses face today is applying the findings from the landscape to their cybersecurity strategy. Norman lists the 4 attack surfaces of InfoSec, as well as what assets need to be protected for a cybersecurity strategy to be considered successful. He asks viewers to consider what a strategy that protects the critical assets of the organization, improves operational efficiency, and reduces cost and risk—in other words, the “ideal state”—would look like for them.

Chris Grundemann leads a Q&A session with Norman surrounding what kind of companies and what sized companies are most at risk for attack, how solutions can be customized based on size or type of organization, the frameworks organizations should consider while modeling their own security posture, the emerging trends in deperimeterization, and the unique benefits of choosing a risk-based strategy or a goal-based strategy.

With risks and threats rapidly changing in real-time, Grundemann and Norman explain the importance of defining your business’s ideal state of security infrastructure, understanding how your current posture stands against the current threats out there, and how to start making steps towards bridging the gap between the two. To view the webinar in its entirety, visit: https://go.myriadsupply.com/IdealStateWebinar_Recording