Myriad Supply Announces Election Day as Company-Wide Holiday

New York, NY, October 26, 2018 – Myriad Supply, a cybersecurity consultancy and technology integrator, announced today its new “Myriad Votes!” initiative. This initiative provides everyone in the company with a half-day or full-day off to vote this November 6th, and makes Election Day an annual company holiday for all Myriad employees starting in 2019.

“We believe voting is both a privilege and a responsibility,” said Andrew Fisher, Myriad’s Founder and CEO. “Employees should be able to cast their ballot without worrying about missing work. It’s not about who you vote for, but the fact you have the ability, time and support you need to participate.”

Myriad’s decision came about in response to recent news that voting in the United States is at historic lows. The 2014 midterm elections saw just 33% of the voting age population vote, the lowest participation rate since World War II. The 2016 presidential election had participation of 55%, the lowest since the 1996 presidential election.

“Myriad’s commitment is to completely clear our employee’s schedules on Election Day, so each individual can find the time that works best for them to participate,” said Fisher.

The “Myriad Votes!” initiative is consistent with Myriad’s other people-first initiatives like unlimited paid time off and paid parental leave. Myriad has continued to invest in fostering an equitable environment, and empowering employees to use their voice and drive meaningful change, both internally and externally. Myriad’s leadership looks forward to continuing to provide new, tangible opportunities for employees to influence the world around them in a positive way.

For organizations and CEOs interested in making the pledge to institute time off for voting, learn more by visiting and

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