Secure and Mobile Workforce

Chris Grundemann

VP, Client Success

Deploy | Design | Operate | Security

If you’re like most organizations today, your employees are increasingly reliant on applications hosted in the cloud (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS), whether they are your company’s own applications or those provided by a third party (SaaS). Additionally, your employees are using their own mobile devices both in and out of the office (BYOD) and often times it’s difficult to know what applications are  being used and by whom (shadow IT).

The challenge is, when your company must rely on the internet and other third-party infrastructure to run your organization, where do you place the firewall? Who is responsible for the security and applications running on that infrastructure? How do you manage access control? Who is generating and accessing the data, and how are they accessing it? In this new era of blurred lines and shared responsibility, it’s time to think differently about security.