Global Manufacturing: How Myriad360 Helps

As a global solutions advisor and integrator, Myriad360 guides the world’s largest brands through complex data center, cloud, network, security, and IT transformations. 


When a highly visible global bedding manufacturer and retailer, with limited IT logistics experience, wanted to open 200 retail stores across the United States,  they realized they lacked the expertise in coordinating the vendors needed to complete the project. Their attempts to handle the project themselves produced roadblocks and challenges around the site designs, installation times, and costs.


The manufacturer turned to Myriad360 for our expertise in overseeing complex IT projects, awareness of industry trends, technologies, standards, and vendor insights. Our partnership began with a 360° View of You client discovery assessment, conducted by Myriad360’s Project Management team, to thoroughly understand the client’s situation, needs, timelines, and objectives.


Myriad360 custom-tailored a Retail Store-in-a-Box solution for the retailer, a turnkey pre-tested package containing all the IT components necessary for a store’s business transactions, management, communications, and security. This solution allowed the company to maintain its original deployment timeline goal of 7 to 10 stores per month with a fixed price model that kept the project within budget. 


The prep work for each store’s IT hardware and software environment (racking, stacking, assembly, configuration, and testing) was completed upfront at the Myriad360 Integration Center, allowing for a speedier, seamless plug-and-play installation once the integrated rack arrived on-site. In addition, Myriad360 executed comprehensive security testing and installation of the in-store analytics sensors. Every Store-In-a-Box implementation was successfully completed no less than 10 days prior to each store opening. 


Utilizing Myriad360’s vendor partnerships, technology expertise, and flawless execution, the client successfully opened 64 sites, on time and on budget. Myriad360’s integration services expertise provided the technical expertise, industry insight, and solutions for these clients to continue to successfully operate and scale their business. 


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